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!Obsidian Structure

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This is a representation of how I structure my Obsidian notes.

I will do my best to keep it as accurate as possible, but since it's imperatively generated / kept up to date, please be aware that it may not always exactly match my actual structure.

📁 00 - Meta

This is where all of my Obsidian templates and meta-documentation about Obsidian lives.

I also keep any related media (images and videos) in this directory.

📁 05 - Maps of Content

A Map of Content is a subject note that composes other notes. It evolves from a collection of similar ideas to a long form post. It often acts as springboard into the idea and all of the ideas that relate to it.

📁 10 - Periodic

This is where I keep my journal files. The journal files I keep are:

📁 20 - Notes

This is where I keep a bulk of my notes. This could be thoughts, ideas, questions or event notes (meetings or things I do that I need to write notes for).

📁 30 - Collections

This is where I keep "entity" and "object" notes.

The litmus test for what notes go here is "Did I create this?"

Some existing examples:

📁 40 - Projects

These are projects that I am creating. There is an Archived directory inside of it for things that I've made and don't need to keep in the root.

Things in the root of this directory are active projects.

📁 42 - Dotfiles

My Literate Programming source files. I write my configuration for my computer as markdown files with embedded code blocks and tangle the embedded code blocks into code. I do this by Tangling Markdown (Literate Programming).

📁 50 - Self

This is where I keep notes about me. These are usually notes that represent some reflected moment about myself.

As an example, I keep my User Guide and Philosophies here. I also keep a note about my Plant-based Lifestyle and one about my Exercise Plan.

📁 60 - Views

This is where I keep notes that are strictly DataView files. This lets me keep task lists, refined journals and other dataview queries that have no information in them, they're just code blocks for dataviewjs.

📄 👋 Start Here

👋 Start Here is a note solely for my Obsidian Publish site. It's meant to welcome new readers and give them a quick "about me" and orientation.

📄 Insights

This is a file for me to add on the fly ideas to when I don't know where I want to put them or if they don't make sense as their own file.

It makes it easy for me to capture ideas on the fly and revisit them on my weekly review day.

📄 Note Refresher

This is a file for me to review daily. It has a DataviewJS script that gets any notes that were created on this day.

I've found that one of my favorite rituals has been to review notes and pictures that were "on this day" in the past.

📄 Questions

Similar to the Insights note, this is a file for me to add on the fly questions to when I don't know where I want to put them or if they don't make sense as their own file.

Meta Notes

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