Hey, I'm Chase!

I empower creators, bootstrappers, and indie hackers to build for the web.

I'm currently building Plumb: a no code AI pipeline builder for building and deploying AI features for product teams.

I'm on almost all social media as @curiouslychase.

At Work

I've been building better software and better teams for 15 years.
  • Murmur Labs: Building the future of decision making AI visual programming.
  • Webflow: Building the future of building software with no code.
  • Walmart Labs: Building ecommerce at scale.
  • Zappos: Building the future of retail.

At Play

  • Climbing: Climbing is my favorite way to exercise, meet new people and level up my craft.
  • LEGO: LEGO is my favorite way to get my creative energy flowing.
  • Doodling: I love to communicate my ideas with doodles, scribbles, diagrams and arrows.