Swipies - Reusable Paper

I use Swipies, a reusable dry erase board that's as thin as paper, for all kinds of tasks I'd use paper for. This is an overview of how I use them.

Swipies are portable dry erase boards that are the same thickness as paper.

I enjoy using these for prototyping, taking notes and repeats like daily pages/bullet journaling.

I'll take a photo of the board when I'm done with it so that I have the contents and erase them at the end of the day.

I use two wet erase pens (they come in the kit):

  • Staedtler lumocolor fine-tip wet erase pen
  • Expo Vis-a-vis medium-tip wet erase pen

The Staedtler fine-tip is great on Swipies for...

  • taking notes
  • daily pages bullet points
  • callouts and annotations
  • fine tuned writing

The Vis-a-vis medium-tip pen is great on Swipies for...

  • wireframes
  • boxes and containers
  • calling out big ideas
  • headings
  • fat pencil work
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