StrengthsFinder Exercise

A retrospective of the StrengthsFinder exercise as it applies to me.

I did an exercise where I answered questions about my StrengthsFinder theme results.

Look at your past StrengthsFinder themes (first 10) and answer these questions:

Do you feel like they're accurate since you've taken the assessment?

I think they're generally the same top 10. The one that I'm questioning is the "belief" strength. Maybe my core values are enduring but I'm not sure that i possess my beliefs so deeply that I am not willing to change them.

Which ones do you feel like you operate in the most?

  • Learner - every day I'm learning new things and I think I seek that out more than it being a natural side effect of my day
  • Intellection - I spend a lot of time reflecting and thinking about all the things...I'm thinking about!
  • Connectedness - I see the way things can fit together and how to connect the pipes from start to finish

Which one would you like to strengthen and utilize more?

  • Woo - I don't think I exercise meeting new people as often as I'd like. I know I want to start building something. I don't have a plan for this yet.
  • Relator - I'm doing this by reading Essentialism with Andrew and Waldo.
  • Connectedness - I want to spend more time doing this in a way that I can share the skill with others. A concrete action I'm taking towards this is diagraming workflows. Stretch goal would be to make a video of my working through this thought process.

Which one do you find the most joy in?

  • Connectedness, learner and intellection. The three of them together supercharge me for creating new ideas.

Which one do you struggle with the most? (undermines your success, your required to do but drains you, or have had negative feedback about)

  • Achiever and Responsibility - These two makes it easy for me to be a "yes man".
  • Belief - I struggle with this for two reasons: 1) I'm not sure I could tell you what my core values are and 2) I don't feel like I'm that rigid in the way I think about the world. I've talked with Andrew about "trading my fort for a canoe".
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