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Curiously Chase

Publishing my website from Obsidian files with Dropbox

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Over the weekend I figured out how to integrate my Obsidian vault with Dropbox and publish my Dropbox files.

Any Obsidian document with type: Post and status: Published in the Markdown's YAML Frontmatter will be published to my website's posts.

Why this workflow?

I wanted to achieve a few things with this workflow:

I've been using Obsidian for the past year and have lots of thoughts captured in it. I have been publishing posts from Dropbox but from a different folder that I had to edit in VS Code instead of Obsidian.

This left my fledgling notes disconnected from the articles I would post.

What's next?

I'd also like to create some new collection types to publish other than posts.

I'd like to start publishing my favorite hikes, climbs, gear and apps. I'd also like to start publishing my fledgling notes and snippets.

I've got over 2,000 files at the time of writing in my Obsidian vault and a lot of them could benefit other people in some way.

This post was written and published from my iPhone using Obsidian and redeploying Vercel!

what's missing?

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