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Personal Emoji & GIF Usage Guide

A guide to how I use Emoji and GIFs (and the 'why?' behind them)

This is a brief guide to how I use Emoji and GIF and a few contextual notes about what Emoji I use, when I use them and what they mean to me.


  • Unambiguous - use emoji and GIFs that may often have multiple meanings
  • Enhancement - only use Emoji as an enhancement to an existing message


  • GIF - I generally choose Adventure Time, Bluey or Muppets / non-human cartoon gifs

When I use Emoji

  • reacting to a message in Slack or Discord
  • enhancing an existing message for Twitter
  • responding to a text where reactions are limited but words aren't necessary

How I Use Emoji

My most used public messaging Emoji:

  • 🚀 - when I'm excited about something that's happening (shipping software or forward movement in work/side projects)
  • ✨ - when I'm in awe of something someone has done or grateful for something that's happened/happening
  • 🌱 - when someone (including myself) has a moment of self reflection or personal growth

My most used private (Slack/Messages) Emoji:

  • ✅ - I have done something about this
  • 👀 - I am looking into this (also, acknowledgement that I've seen something)
  • đŸĻē - I believe this is safe to try

My most used Emoji for Pull Request (code) reviews:

  • ℹī¸ - I am giving you context for this change
  • ❓ / ❔ - I am asking an exploratory question based on my experience
  • 📌 - I'm requesting this be changed
  • â€ŧī¸ - I believe this could be problematic, can we discuss

Other Emoji I use:

  • 🎉 - when I'm excited about something personal
  • 💙 - when I've had a good moment with a peer
  • 💜 - when someone has noticed a moment of personal growth for me

Emoji I try to avoid:

  • most people faces and hand symbols
  • đŸ”Ĩ - ambiguous
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