Is violence an essential attribute of existence?

My internal struggle with if violence is essential for existence.

I define violence as "the act of causing harm".

In order for any living thing to exist, it has to inflict violence on something else.

When a bird eats a bug. When a cow eats grass. When humans eat other animals. When humans cut down trees to build houses. When humans eat plants. When kudzu invades an area and kills the other plants that were there first. When humans drive cars that were made by people who may not be paid enough to live.

Is there a way to exist without inflicting some violence?

Is it also violence to attempt to not inflict violence to the point that the individual attempting dies?

Is violence essential to existence?

If so, is there a minimum relative value of violence? Do we offset the violence we inflict by doing good?

Is the reason we don't think about it because we live in a post-industrial society where the violence for us to exist is far removed? Is the other reason that we're floating through life and because of that we aren't aware of it?

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