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Emacs - Highlight $FlowFixMe comments in JavaScript

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I've been working with Flow a lot since joining Webflow and one of the things that I constantly miss is the // $FlowFixMe comments. I decided to highlight // $FlowFixMe comments in red so they stood out.

Emacs makes it trivial to add configuration to highlight specific lines based on certain criteria. In init.el or any file that you load configuration through, you can add the following:

  (defface flow-fix-me-comment '((t (:foreground "#ff0000"))) "Red")

   'js-mode '(("// $FlowFixMe" 0 'flow-fix-me-comment t)))

Breaking it down:

Make sure to eval-buffer on the snippet, reload your config or restart Emacs to see the changes take place.

The end result will look like this:

Use Emacs to highlight $FlowFixMe in Javascript

If you're using Emacs to develop for JavaScript and using Flow in your projects, this is a great way to make sure you don't get burnt by any $FlowFixMe comments during development!

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