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Colemak Keyboard Layout

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You may have seen photos floating around of my keyboard that look like this. Your next thought, if you're a discerning touch-typist would either be "hey, the top left keys aren't right." or "hey, he uses Colemak!".

I prefer Colemak for my keyboard layout over QWERTY (what most people use) or Dvorak (the primary alternative other typists use instead of QWERTY).

I won't dive into the history of Colemak (I've included some links at the bottom), but I will summarize what's different about it:

Pairing Colemak with my KeyboardIO Atreus (Mechanical Keyboard) (pictured above), I've seen an increase in my typing speed, my ability to type for long periods of time without strain/exhaustion and general use of the keyboard to increase.

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