Curiously Chase

Adafruit Macropad

My journey assembling and programming an Adafruit Macropad RP2040 board.

In October 2023, I bought an Adafruit MacroPad and assembled it.

I've been exploring how to write the executable for it in Rust and I'll keep my notes here as I work through it.

General Development

Pinout Diagram (This is helpful to understand which GPIO pins are mapped to which components):



  • Flashing - To flash the board, you have to push down the rotary encoder and then hit the reset button on the side. Anytime you want to flash to the board, particularly with Rust or Arduino, you have to do this to make the device discoverable for flashing.

Rust Development

Support Crates

Unused Crates

I want to see what kind of effects I can get from the smart_led_effects crate out of the box so I don't have to handroll effects.

Interesting Finds

  • I stumbled onto mutantbob's various Rust projects' when I got stuck on the getting the OLED display working. I didn't end up using anything from it, but I'll probably borrow the macros mutantbob wrote for setup. I like how they abstracted setup into macros.
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