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Curiously Chase

2023 W02 Weekly Review

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The biggest update this week: This weekly review!

I decided I'm going to try out doing a weekly review...and doing it in public!




Newsletter Update

I struggled to put hands to keyboards on the newsletter I wanted to start writing.

This public weekly review is a less scary, more gentle way for me to ease into thinking about a newsletter.

There were a few things I noticed at play:

I'm going to explore a different topic in the meantime.

New and Updated Topic Notes

Other Interesting Reading

Why aligned autonomy is an ongoing struggle

Aaron Dignan shared this with theMurmur Labs team. This problem of aligned autonomy is at the root of trying to get a Startup off the ground.

Autonomy, in a workplace context, is not about β€œI can do whatever I feel like” but rather β€œI feel free to act and fully engage to achieve a greater purpose.”

I think the critical misunderstanding of autonomy isn't just "free to act and fully engage to achieve a greater purpose", it's also that I have to do it within my abilities, skills and decision rights.

I hold roles within the organization and those roles inform the way I contribute in my "freedom to act".

When I learned to focus on my role to serve the purpose, it enabled me to move the needle.

Music Highlights

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