Curious Chase

Curiously Chase

15 Notion Covers of Pastel Colorful Textured Explosions from MidJourney Prompts

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I really enjoyed creating colorful textured swirls in MidJourney and that led me to wonder how it would be different if I used pastel colors and thought about the paint exploding.

These abstract paint "explosions" make for delightful Notion covers to inspire some creativity!

Abstract Pastel Paint Explosion Notion Covers

These were all generated with the following prompt in MidJourney:

/imagine: prompt abstract painting by artist tao chan, in the style of poured paint technique, colorful woodcarvings, colorful turbulence, detailed background elements, soft color fields, bio-art, fractalism --ar 5:2 --style raw

I hope you find that these give you some inspiration for your own MidJourney art or make a good addition to your Notion page covers!

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