Ultimate Guide To Learning About AI (GPT)

My ultimate, ongoing guide to what I'm learning about AI and GPT.

This is an ultimate guide to learning about AI (GPT) because it's up to date with what I'm learning!


AutoGPT is an autonomous GPT-4 experiment, meaning it leverages #Autonomous Agents along with OpenAI's GPT-4 to handle an AI workload.

It chains together LLM "thoughts" to achieve the goal at hand.


LlamaIndex is a central interface for you to connect your LLM with external data.

This is a tool that will be useful for knowledge management and reasoning.

The goal of something like LlamaIndex is to provide in-context learning based on the input prompt, where the input prompt can be data that's been ingested and indexed.

Autonomous Agents

"Autonomous agents can be seen as the future of advanced chatbots. While ChatGPT is good at doing simple, text-based tasks, the new chatbots will have more control. They will be able to act independently with little help from humans."

This means autonomous agents will take a single prompt and start to determine what it should do without your guidance (although you can give it guidance and input).

The main difference between this and a chatbot like ChatGPT is that it can take a simple task and go off on its own and figure out where to go.


Ethics and the Future



  • What is a Token?
  • Context
  • GPT
  • Machine Learning
  • Embedding
  • Vector Database
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