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I recently discovered that I 1) love writing and 2) need a way to keep me from rambling.

For me to be focused, intentional and get the juice for the squeeze, I needed a plan.

Here's what I'm doing:

For each big idea, they're attached together, similar to a long strand of multiple strings attached by knots. Each idea leads into the next.

For each big idea, I wanted to also constrain my thinking, so I decided to start with something concrete to orient the reader and move towards something actionable that they could use for their life or work.

A big idea has:

I've learned a lot of topics deeply in the past 15 years of being in the professional world and I want to share that with others so that they can explore it on their own.

This structure has helped me leverage my creativity in a massive way. By picking a topic (so far I have 9), find 7 big ideas within the topic (which makes 63 big ideas so far), use 2 real world adventures (126), 3 practical strategies (189) and 5 related trends or topics (315). That's a lot of ideas that have room to breath with each other.

I'm looking forward to leveraging some combinatorial creativity to generate some ideas that I'm excited about and maybe creating some things that other people are excited about.

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