Tangling Markdown (Literate Programming)

How to tangle markdown in literate programming with a Python executable.

I want to experiment with tangling my Markdown files into code and configuration files.


I'm experimenting with the md-tangle Python project.

Setup md-tangle

First, I made sure I had pip installed, by installing pip with Homebrew.

Next, I installed md-tangle with pip:

 python3 -m pip install md-tangle

Next, I verified that md-tangle is in my PATH by running which md-tangle in the Terminal. If this was successful, it will show me a path to md-tangle.


Now that I have md-tangle installed, I can create a new Markdown file in Obsidian.

I'll create a directory in my vault called 42 - Dotfiles, where all of my dotfile Markdown source will live. In that directory, I'll create my first file for my custom Obsidian CSS snippets, called Obsidian Styles.

Once I've done that, I start writing out my documentation for my styles. I write the documentation and then I write a code snippet in a code fence.