Curious Chase

Curiously Chase

Previous Solutions for Publishing Obsidian Files to the Web

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If you're curious, here's how I currently publish Obsidian files to the web.

Previous Solutions

Publishing in Dropbox

Details: Publishing my website from Obsidian files with Dropbox

I use Obsidian sync to sync notes between my computer and phone and had my computer's vault live in Dropbox.

Why it didn't work for me:

Obsidian Publish

Setup Details: Using and NGINX for Proxying Obsidian Publish

I tried Obsidian Publish but I found it lacked a lot of what I'd want out of it.

Why It didn't work for me:

Obsidian Publish ++

With this solution, I attempted to fetch the notes from the Obsidian Publish site files. This worked great for real-time publishing, having full control over look and feel and having the ability to server-side render.

Why it didn't work for me:

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