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Curiously Chase

My Settings in Apple Downtime

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Downtime is a setting in Screentime that enables the user to set specific blocks of time that certain apps are totally unavailable.

I use Downtime as a point of friction for making it hard for me to use my devices unconsciously.

I have Downtime set to be on between 20:30 (8:30PM) and 07:00. It's scheduled for Every Day.

Always Allowed Apps

Apple Downtime gives you the option of always allowing apps.

I want to use my devices in a healthy way during Downtime, not ignore it entirely, so I think having allowed apps that help me spend my time consciously towards what I want to do is a good thing.

Here are the apps that I always allow and why I always allow them:

The main heuristic I use for allowing an app during downtime is:

Is this a tool or platform I will use in an unconscious way?

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