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Curiously Chase

My Digital Tool Stack

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This is a list of the apps and tools that I use as a part of my digital tool stack.

I've organized them by their context. I have listed the apps under their main context and if they have multiple contexts, I list them under "other apps and tools" in the contexts they also belong to.

For Effectiveness...

For Work Execution...

For Work Adminstrivia...

General Administrivia

Set It and Forget It

These are services I use that I rarely have to look at but they do heavy lifting for the work I do.

I also keep a list of Useful Digital Tools that I use infrequently but still find valuable.

AI Based Tool

I've started incorporating AI tools into my digital tool stack so that I can understand them better, find ways to leverage them for my day to day workflows and so that I can find places where they can help me automate.

Here's a list of tools I'm currently using:

Honorable Mentions

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