My Digital Tool Stack

A list of the apps and tools I that make up my tool stack and improve the way I work.

This is a list of the apps and tools that I use as a part of my digital tool stack.

I've organized them by their context. I have listed the apps under their main context and if they have multiple contexts, I list them under "other apps and tools" in the contexts they also belong to.

For Effectiveness...

  • Spotify - Music.
  • Obsidian - Capturing and connecting my thoughts and ideas.
  • Raycast - An OS launcher.
  • Drafts - Quick capture, especially dictation.

For Work Execution...

  • Arc Browser - A supercharged browser where I use most of my web based tools.
  • VS Code - Building software.
  • MongoDB Compass - A tool for querying Mongo databases.
  • PostHog - for analytics ingestion and analyzing that data

For Work Adminstrivia...

  • Cron (calendar) - A more intuitive, refined calendar.
  • Slack - A place to talk to my team, people in open source projects and my friends.
  • Discord - A place to talk to friends.
  • Spark (email) - A tool for email.
  • Loom - A tool for communicating what I'm noticing and thinking about via video.

General Administrivia

  • 1Password - password management

Set It and Forget It

These are services I use that I rarely have to look at but they do heavy lifting for the work I do.

  • Vercel - The deployment and hosting platform I use for everything I make for the internet for Murmur Labs.
  • Netlify - The deployment and hosting platform I use for my blog.
  • Namecheap - Where I buy my domains for the web.
  • ImprovMX - Email for my personal domain ( is routed through ImprovMX to my Gmail.
  • Readwise - I use Readwise to sync my reading highlights and notes and podcast highlights to Obsidian.

I also keep a list of Useful Digital Tools that I use infrequently but still find valuable.

AI Based Tool

I've started incorporating AI tools into my digital tool stack so that I can understand them better, find ways to leverage them for my day to day workflows and so that I can find places where they can help me automate.

Here's a list of tools I'm currently using:

  • ChatGPT - I use ChatGPT to organize my thoughts. It's a great tool to be able to give all of my ideas as a big blob and ask it to start to organize them. I've also used it for some automation tasks and to help me create outlines for blog posts for the various types of posts I write.
  • MidJourney - I generate images for Notion cover images, more Notion cover images and some cover and open graph images for blog posts. It's also a great tool for discovering artists and art styles by using the /describe command.
  • AudioPen.AI - Similar to ChatGPT, I use AudioPen.AI to dictate my ideas and have them both as raw transcriptions and as summarizations. One benefit to this over a normal transcription tool such as Drafts is that if I happen to say a word that it doesn't understand, it will get the idea right because it's been summarizing.
  • GitHub Copilot - I use GitHub Copilot for programming. Autocomplete for writing boilerplate code over and over again is huge and it's great at writing simple code (such as JavaScript array filters, maps, reduces).
  • Snipd - Snipd is a Podcast app that I use to listen to Podcasts and to create highlights for the parts of the podcast I find interesting. It's been a great way to capture highlights as text (through their AI transcription service) that then end up in Obsidian

Honorable Mentions

  • Calligraphr - Create custom fonts from your handwriting.
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