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Lightbulb Diorama Terrarium Inspired Notion Covers

Illuminate your Notion pages with these lightbulb diorama Notion covers.

Illuminating Worlds Within: A Notion Cover Collection

Have you ever looked at a lightbulb and thought of it as more than just a source of light? Imagine if inside each lightbulb was a tiny world, full of life and wonder. T

hat's exactly the concept behind my latest collection of Notion covers—each one a terrarium within a lightbulb, representing the boundless potential of our ideas. Today, I'd like to share these creations with you and guide you on how to use them to spark your own imagination.

Preview of the Collection

In this collection, you'll find a plethora of digital terrariums, each housed in a beautifully crafted lightbulb. They are as diverse as the world itself—from dense jungles to peaceful meadows, bustling underwater scenes to stark, yet beautiful deserts. Each represents an idea, a world of possibilities, just waiting to light up your Notion workspace.

All of these were generated with the following MidJourney prompt:

hyperrealism lightbulbs with colorful terrarium inside --ar 5:2 --s 1000

Instructions for Use

Adding these covers to your Notion pages is simple!

  1. Download your preferred covers from the collection.
  2. Open a new or existing Notion page.
  3. Click on "Add a Cover" at the top, then "Upload an Image", and select your downloaded cover.

And voila! Your Notion page is now adorned with a small world of ideas!

Use Cases

Here are some fun ways you might use these covers:

  • Match the cover with the theme of your Notion page. Working on an environmental project? The Rainforest Bulb would be perfect!
  • Let the bulb set your mood for the day. Need a calm start? The Meadow Bulb can help.
  • Use different bulbs for different projects or teams, creating a distinct visual identity for each.

Additional Resources/Support

If you're new to Notion or want some further guidance, check out the official Notion Guides or reach out to their support team.

Wrapping Up

These lightbulb terrarium covers serve as constant reminders of the limitless potential within us. I hope they inspire you, just as the idea of worlds within lightbulbs inspired me.

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