Joining Webflow

I'm joining Webflow to democratize creation of the web.

Today I'm joining the Frontend Infrastructure team at Webflow! I'll be contributing to the underlying frontend code/APIs that will make contributing to Webflow more seamless for the whole Frontend team.

Webflow is an incredible platform that empowers designers, creative professionals and entrepreneurs to create and publish for the web. It significantly reduces the barrier for creators who have a vision for a website to create a website without having to learn to code and still have the full power of building for the web. Unlike other sites/frameworks, rather than forcing creatores into using stock templates that have some customization—it provides a intuitive UI to let creators build and publish a site on par with some of the best sites in production (Webflow has put in a significant amount of work to make their users successful through the Webflow University).

What I'm Excited About

  • Webflow's Core Behaviors
  • Building Things For People Who Build Things
  • Margin

Webflow's Core Behaviors

Webflow has 7 Core Behaviors (They're different from values, because behaviors are how we act, not just what we believe).

The Core Behaviors are:

  • Start with Customers
  • Practice Extraordinary Kindness
  • Be Radically Candid
  • Move Intentionally Fast (changed 2020/03/12)
  • Just Fix It (Find a need, Fill a need)
  • Lead by Serving Others
  • Dream Big

I've interacted with a number of Webflow-ers over the past few years (some I've worked with previously) and I can say without question that they practice these in their daily lives. It's exciting to join an organization where the Core Behaviors are congruent with what matters to me so that I can also practice these behaviors knowing that I'm fully supported to do so.

Building Things For People Who Build Things

I ❤️ building things for people who build things. I am excited to be in a position where I can create features, products and core functionality that will reduce friction and increase joy for the builders using the products Webflow builds.


Over the past few years it's been difficult for me to find (maybe even create) margin. The roles I've held at Walmart required me to work a lot of hours that were often hard to create a schedule around (needing to join bridges at all hours of the night—for hours—for site issues). My role at Webflow will give me more consistent hours so that I can spend time with my family, working on other passions (writing about management/building teams/effectivenesss/workflows for example!) and leaving room for breathing.

I'm excited for this next chapter and look forward to the opportunity to serve a new type of customer in a new type of work!

Frequent Questions with Answers

So far, these are the 5 things almost everyone has asked:

  • I will continue working from home since Webflow is a remote-first organization (there is a super sweet HQ in San Francisco).
  • I will be writing Javascript (React) full-time and contributing to some Go projects on the side.
  • I will be an individual contributor, so the only person I'll be managing for now is myself!
  • I will not be on a pager duty rotation. 🙌🙌🙌
  • I will be traveling a lot less.
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