ImprovMX: Custom Email Handling

Custom email domains that mask gmail addresses.

In the era of digital communication, a professional email address bearing your domain name can be a vital asset.

It not only enhances your brand's credibility but also ensures streamlined communication.

One platform that simplifies this is ImprovMX.

We are going to delve into how ImprovMX facilitates custom email handling, and guide you on setting it up with a custom domain - in our case,


Before we begin, ensure you have:

  1. Your own domain. (In this guide, we'll use '')
  2. An existing email address where your custom emails will be forwarded.

The Advantages of ImprovMX

ImprovMX offers a straightforward solution for creating custom email addresses using your own domain and have those emails automatically forwarded to your existing inbox.

For instance, emails sent to '' or '' can be directly received in your regular email inbox, maintaining the continuity of your communication while enhancing its professionalism.

You can also use wildcard email addresses, which allows you to make up an email address on the fly when communicating with others and still receive emails if the sender makes a typo.

Setting Up ImprovMX with a Custom Domain

Let's dive into the step-by-step process of setting up ImprovMX with ''.

Step 1: Accessing ImprovMX

Start by visiting ImprovMX. The user-friendly interface is simple to navigate.

Step 2: Enter Domain Information

Input your domain ('') into the 'Domain' field and the email address where you wish to forward your custom emails into the 'Forward to' field.

Step 3: Confirm the Information

After clicking on 'Create free alias', confirm the provided information. If all details are correct, click 'Looks Good'.

Step 4: Verify Your Domain

You'll be prompted to verify your domain. ImprovMX will provide you with DNS records, which need to be copied and added to your domain's DNS settings. Once you've inserted the DNS records, click on 'I've added these records'.

Step 5: Wait for DNS Propagation

DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate across the internet. Upon completion, ImprovMX will confirm, and you can begin receiving emails on your new custom email address.

Tips and Best Practices

  1. Use unique aliases for different functions (like 'contact', 'support', 'feedback') to categorize incoming emails better.
  2. Check your spam folder occasionally, as forwarded emails might sometimes end up there.
  3. If your needs expand, consider ImprovMX's premium plan that offers additional features such as priority support and catch-all emails.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, ImprovMX serves as an effective solution for handling custom emails for your domain. By setting it up, you can receive emails sent to '' or '' directly in your regular email inbox, fostering efficient communication.

For further details, you can refer to ImprovMX's official documentation. Enjoy your new journey towards improved and personalized email communication!