How I'm Using MidJourney and ChatGPT

How I'm using some AI tools for experimentation.

AI Usage

The following section was a transcription of me talking generated by AudioPen.AI

Recently, I've been building a platform called Supermanage with AI tools.

One of the things that we are doing at Murmur Labs Labs is we are experimenting with using whatever AI tools we have available, just so that we can learn and get experience with the way that other people are leveraging AI, as well as get some inspiration in terms of how prompt engineering works or how a prompt is constructed.

So one of the things that I am doing right now is I am using a tool called MidJourney, and MidJourney is an image generator that you give a description to and it will give you back images.

Another tool that I'm using is ChatGPT, and I'm using ChatGPT for various things, but for these particular posts, what I'm using ChatGPT for is creating the introduction to the content.

So what I will do is I will run through a specific prompt in MidJourney, and I'll iterate on it a little bit.

I'll take those images, I will put them into a blog post, and then I will write an introduction based on what the inspiration was for what I created

So the goal of this is to have a mostly AI-generated piece of content that is highly curated by me in the way that I want to express a particular idea.

ChatGPT Summarization

I wanted to see how ChatGPT would summarize my exploration of AI tools...

AI Usage

What follows is ChatGPT summarizing the previous transcription with "rewrite this more informally as if I were an explorer taking voice notes."

Alright, here's the latest scoop from my AI expedition at Murmur Labs:

  • We're playing around with these nifty AI tools, trying to get the hang of how others use 'em and also hunting for some inspiration. It's a bit like figuring out the secret recipe for prompt engineering.
  • I've been messing around with this cool gizmo called MidJourney. You whisper a description to it, and poof! It throws you back an image. It's like a magic trick.
  • Then there's ChatGPT. I've been making it do all sorts of stuff, but for these posts, it's my ghostwriter for introductions.

My plan of action goes something like this:

  1. I cook up a prompt in MidJourney and give it a little tweak here and there.
  2. I take those fancy images, slap 'em into a blog post.
  3. Then, I let ChatGPT spin a yarn for the intro, inspired by what I've just made.

So the big picture? I'm cooking up an AI-generated content stew, seasoned with my personal flavor. It's all about expressing ideas in my unique way. And that's it – explorin' AI, one blog post at a time!

Wrapping Up

I'm enjoying exploring AI tools and how they can fit into my daily workflows.

Here are the posts that were generated with this workflow:

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