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Curiously Chase

Daily Free Writing

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Daily free writing is a practice where every morning, right after waking up and writing in my dream journal, I write whatever comes to mind.

Why I Started Daily Free Writing

The goal is to start the process of thinking intentionally, with attention, about something specific.

I started this practice so that it would be a replacement for scrolling through social media first thing in the morning.

Instead of consuming stuff and that framing how I start my day, I decide to let my brain take me where I want to go.

It's a way for me to choose to be proactive instead of mindlessly scrolling.

How It Works

Every day I open Obsidian and create a daily page.

My Template has a task with a templated note name:

- [ ] Write 100 words [[2023-03-06 Mon Writing]] #habits

When the note is created, it appears like this:

- [ ] Write 100 words [[2023-03-06 Mon Writing]] #habits

Then I can click the note (which appears as a not created before I click on it), it opens the note and I start writing.

I write at least 100 words. It's not a lot but I'm able to write consistently because it's attainable.

This practice has become a staple in my morning rituals.

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